Our Family

After completing more than 30 years of work in the furniture industry in Uruguay with my family. After many trips to countries such as the United States, Brazil, Spain, Italy, China, visiting Exhibitions and Modern furniture factories. After many years designing, producing and distributing in our country, then, we decided to use all our forces and experience, in an important market like the United States.-

On November 5, 1995, we inaugurated GRAKO INTERNATIONAL COMP. In the city of Miami.

We started with a small warehouse and step by step the goals were met and with the effort of the whole family, responsibility and good service were the keys to the success of Grako International in the world of Modern Furniture.

With almost 20 years of hard work, Grako International is recognized as one of the leading distributors of modern furniture in the State of Florida. We distribute to several States of the Center and East Coast of the United States, countries of the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

In both Uruguay and the United States, we have been fortunate to have friends, employees and professionals who have helped us to anticipate events, anticipate changes and problems and detect opportunities. Nonconformist people, innovative, creative and determined to go forward, with whom we have struggled with enormous persistence to achieve the objectives.

With my family we have dreamed together to obtain results and we have only been happy when we obtained them. We have worked with a combative spirit, with courage and with sufficient encouragement to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that we have overcome every day in defense of our commitments and convictions.

At Grako International we consider our customers as friends, our allies for small, medium and large businesses in the world of Furniture and together we will continue at a firm and safe pace.



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What They Say
If you’re in the market for furniture, give Grako International a shot. THE BEST customer service I have ever experienced. Furniture is beautiful and the accessories are very unique.
I have been 20 years in the furniture business and I think that Grako International is the best furniture distributor in the U.S East Coast. Thank you!

Grako International is a furniture distributor, serving our customer since 1995, distributes modern furniture to retailers and designer around the world. Our company is recognized as a leader in product innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. In this web you will appreciate the variety and funtionality of our furniture. Enjoy it and remember that we are a phone call away.