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Jellyfish Glowing in the Dark This is one of a kind original piece of art. With a beautifully colorful design, this Art piece would easily go with many decor themes. The HD Acrylic Artwork is enhanced by deep colors that makes this Art truly unique and gives it a particularly special flair with the Jellyfishes. Acrylic Art prints provide a clean modern aesthetic look and the 1 inch standoffs give a dimension by creating separation from the wall. Our HD Acrylic prints are the highest quality Acrylic prints on the market. The image is printed behind quarter inch thick acrylic for added depth while protecting the image from dust and dirt. This modern technique is used widely in museum, galleries as well as high end hotel lobbies, adding a third dimension to the art. This technique allows the image to really shine through, providing a brilliant glossy effect and crispness that is unprecedented. This piece of art provides a beautiful, modern, sleek design . This art work is a must for any space. FEATURES:
  • Raised Acrylic Artwork is ready to hang
  • Aluminum high-end frame!
MEASURES: 60"W x 40"D